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Bakersfield Ant Control

Ants around Bakersfield can be recognized by their 6 leg pattern and can be found essentially anywhere in the world. There are over 450 types of ants in North America alone and all have the distinct elbowed antennae and a recognizable node-like framework while displaying a slender midsection. Ants favor cool and wet areas and stay in large and intricate nests that could contain millions of their fellow friends. Ants develop lots of people differing kind of residences. As you walk your Bakersfield property, you may notice simple little mounds of dirt or sand, which ants use to build a nest.

Various other ants utilize small sticks combined with sand to make a much more effective stack that provides a defense from rainfall. Some ants, like termites reside in timber. A singular queen ant can live for nearly 30 years and can lay countless eggs over her life time. Eggs normally develop into comprehensive adult ants over an 8 to 12 week time-frame.

Signs Your Bakersfield Property Has Ants

The most obvious way to know you have ants on your Bakersfield property is if you see either live or dead ants. However, in some cases you may have ants around without ever seeing them. Looking around for the presence of ant mounds or if you see holes in wood is another sign of an ant build up. And finally, if you see large amounts of sand near cracks and crevices this is often times the work of ants building a nest. If any of these signs are present, give us a call immediately before your Bakersfield home or business is invaded.

How Can Bakersfield Pest Service Network Help

Due to the fact that their is such a large variety of ants which could invade your Bakersfield property, there is no single remedy for managing ants. We offer tailored and detailed strategies to eliminate ants from the inside and exterior of your home or business.

Our ant control packages include:

Our internal say plans consist of:

If you think that you may have ants or are at danger for ants at your Bakersfield home or business, we can arrange for one of our licensed professionals to check your property.

Tips To Keep Your Bakersfield Home Free Of Ants

There are quite a few simple exercises you can incorporate into your lives that will help you remain free of ants. First, make sure to never leave any food out for an extended period of time. Make certain to wash off every dish removing the presence of crumbs or sticking stuff like syrup. It's also vital to not leave dirty dishes laying around. This will help stop any type of residual food stenches from attracting ants to your home.

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